In accordance with altruistic Mahayana motivation, and with the Masters of the Institute’ compassionate attitude, Ghe Pel Ling Onlus was founded in 2006, with the aim of helping those in need. Many non-profit projects have been completed, such as:
The project ”Save Tibetan culture”, aiming at creating a school-hostel in Tibet for 160 children, supporting the running of the school and providing economic support for 315 students’ education.

The project (in Tibet) “An hospital for the people from Lithang” has supported the renovation and extension of the existing hospital building in Tibet providing an operating theater facility and suitable medicines supplies, ensuring access to quality health care for the 70.000 inhabitants of the area;
The project “A friend on the roof of the world” with the aim of promoting a remote adoption plea to help Tibetan monks from Sera Je and Drepung monasteries, south of India.
The projects “Remote adoption” and “A Study Holiday” for Tibetan children and young refugees in India.
Ghe Pel Ling Onlus is currently supporting a school construction project for young monks inside Namgyal Monastery site, in Dharamsala, India.
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